What is the square/cubed root?! Answer this question! Remember, only answer one of them and you can't answer it if someone else already did! And don't forget to put which number your question was! Worth 5 points! Only one answer per day!

1. Square root of oo (infinity)
2. Square root of 0 (zero)
3. Square root of 1 (one)
4. Square root of 4 (four)
5. CUBED root of 8 (eight)
6. Cubed root of 27 (twenty-seven)
7, What is the square root of me (Puppin)
Hard Points! 11/04/2009
Answer one of these math questions! If you answer more than one, I will delete your post and you won't get points. You won't get points if someone else did it already either. (Worth 5 points! ! !)

(a) X+X=4, What is X?

(b) X=3(4+3), What is X?

(c) 7+8X=15, What is X?

(d) 3+X=2, What is X?
Medium Points! 11/04/2009
Quick! Name your favorite flavor of pie! (Worth three points)
Easy Points! 11/03/2009
 Answer this super easy question and you will recieve three Gift Points!

~How many pets do you have?
I Visited! 11/03/2009
Since you visited, just comment here that you did and I will give you one Gift Point!
Gift Points 11/03/2009
It says it all on the right. So this is pretty much just saying look over there ->

Gift Away,

    Gift Points

    These Gift Points aren't like regular points. Instead of just accumulating them, they get spent! You can earn them by visiting every day and posting here simply saying that you visited. Another way you can earn them is by doing some of the little activities here. If you rollover the Girt Trade" button, you will see three buttons, Gift Points, Gifts, and Give. Gift Points shows you how many Gift Points you have, which Gifts you have to Give, and which Gifts you have recieved. Gifts will show you different gifts you may buy. But don't forget to check your gift points first, if you don't have enough I won't be able to give it to you. The Give is simply a place where you tell me which gift you want to give and to who.
    Good luck gifting!