Obviously I would just like to say that I own NONE of these videos! Except for that one with the guinea pig. But annnnyyyyyyway...  Beach Boys are made by... well... Beach Boys. Weird Al Yankovic made Trapped in the Drive Through. Mythbusters is made by Discovery Channel. Max Fleischer makes Betty Boop.The Veggie Tales' are by Big Idea. The chewing gum song is by Sha Na Na. The Phineas and Ferb's & Suite Life's are made by Disney. The I Love Lucy's are a Desilu production. The choco milk is by some guy off of the internet on youtube. Go choco milk =^-^= And iCarly is made by Nickelodeon. I hope you like alllllll these great videos I put on here! It took me a while! There are 4 hours, 47 minutes, and 40 secouds worth of fun videos! I will put up more when I get the chance! I even have one of my guinea pig in here! (So cute!) His name is Truffle! I am not sure what CaramelDansen is from, but I recently saw it and it is my new fave thing! Whoo! Try going to www.caramellagirls.com =) It is cool!! Also, I have absolutly no idea about that Llama thing but it is soo funny =3 If I didn't put where it is from then I just don't know where... it is from... Again... Lol =3

This is a "part 1" to "Lucy learns to drive".

This is "part 2" for "Lucy learns to drive".

This is "part 3" of "Lucy learns to drive".