HELP ! ! ! 11/06/2009
HELP ! ! ! Me and my mom are writing stories to read to kids for Sunday School! We are Christians and we need a good, non-random, story WITH a moral to read to them! Please help me! It can even be just one or two paragraphs! Please either post one (or two or three or four or five or six or...) Take this one as an example:

The Beaver and the Trout

Once upon a time, there was a beaver who was building a dam in the river. He was very hard working and within a short time, he was half-way done. One day, as he was working away, a trout came along. The trout looked at the dam and scoffed out "You waste your time working on this dam, you will never block the water supply!" The beaver payed no attention to this remark and continued working as the trout went to the other side of the dam. After a whole week, the beaver was FINALY done! He smiled a big smile and went on the other side of the dam to have a good time in the water. After just a few days, the water had dried up on the other side and the trout had no water to live in anymore, but if he had just belived in going for a goal, he would have been playing along with the beaver right then, on the other side of the dam.

THE END! ! !

The moral of the story is: Persever, and you can do it.
Fairy Tale 10/31/2009
Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Nightstar. Nightstar lived alone in the forest and had never seen the city. Until...


Just no ending it!

    Rules and Gameplay

    All you have to do here is continue the story! Yep... it's that simple. For every continuation you make, you get (NO POINTS! Sorry :( ), good luck!