New Gift Rule! 11/05/2009
Now, when you give gifts, both you and the person you give the gift to will earn 1 gift point! (that is why each gift is atleast 2 gift points)
Below here is the classic Gifts, now we have Gift PETS. Sweet huh? I know, it rocks. So buy some for a friend!

~Goldfish-2 points
~Guppy-2 points
~Hermit Crab-3 points
~Turtle-5 points
~Bird-5 points
~Hamster-5 points
~Guinea Pig-7 points
~Dog-10 points
~Cat-10 points

If there are any I'm forgetting, just post your request and I'll try to put it on.

Gifts 11/03/2009
Buy Gifts here! Just comment which one you want and how many! (None of these actually appear in real life! But they do appear as images... But they have to be bought and given for them to appear! ! !

~Lollypop-2 points
~Top-2 points
~Bouncy Ball-3 points
~Candy Bracelet-3 points
~Candy Necklace-5 points
~Rubber Ducky-5 points
~Comic Book-5 points
~Teddy Bear-10 points
~Hand-Knit Sweater-10 points
~Blanket-10 points
~Quilt-15 points

And there is more to come!

Remember, these are not bought in the usual points, these are bought in GIFT points.