A new warrior has appeared... KITTY! :3 (4/14/11)

New videos!! Go and watch! Roll your mouse over story time, then click on movie time!! Have fun :) (12/9/10)

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to this website. Things like videos, games, gifts, pages, blogs, anything! Please post all of your ideas under questions & comments. You can find Questions & Comments by rolling your mouse over home. A couple buttons will appear underneath. Thank you!!! (9/23/10)

EVEN MORE new videos in movie time! Go watch!!! (9/21/10)

A new guest has arrived at the world wide sleepover!! (Whom's ninjas are not superior to my ninjas) Welcome Koopa!! (9/21/10)

There are more videos in movie time!! Check it out!!! (9/12/10)

We now have an update page for all updates with the date it was updated =3 Then you don't have to look EVERYWHERE to see what is new =3 (9/2/10)